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Install Dolos CLI with Docker

The latest Dolos version comes pre-installed in a Docker container image that is available from GitHub's container registry. Use the following commando to pull the image:

docker pull

Run Dolos CLI in Docker

The Docker container comes with a complete npm-installed Dolos CLI (latest version). See the section on Running Dolos to learn more about the available CLI arguments.

Running Dolos from the Docker container requires some additional arguments:

  • -v "$PWD:/dolos" gives Dolos access to your current directory
  • --init assures that the container can be stopped with Control-C
  • --network host allows Dolos's webserver to bind to http://localhost:3000

Here is, for example, a containerized version of the command from the Running Dolos tutorial to run a plagiarism detection analysis and open an interatie web app where the analysis results can be explored:

docker run --init --network host -v "$PWD:/dolos" -l javascript -f web *.js


To avoid binding of the docker container to the host network, omit the --network host argument from docker and add pass --host to dolos. You can then visit the interactive web app at the IP address or hostname of the docker container.

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