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Dolos Javascript library

The Dolos CLI is actually a wrapper around the core TypeScript/JavaScript library @dodona/dolos-lib. This library implements the algorithms of the Dolos plagiarism detection pipeline. Feel free to use or extend individual algorithms in your own projects. We're happy to hear about any extensions you make.


Using npm to install the library, similar to installing the CLI:

npm install @dodona/dolos-lib


Take a look at our example repository for some simple use cases that demonstrate how the library can be used.

For example, this JavaScript code snippet logs all matching fragments shared among a list of files:

import { Dolos } from "@dodona/dolos-lib";

const files = [

const dolos = new Dolos();
const report = await dolos.analyzePaths(files);

for (const pair of report.allPairs()) {
 for (const fragment of pair.buildFragments()) {
    const left = fragment.leftSelection;
    const right = fragment.rightSelection;
    console.log(`${pair.leftFile.path}:{${left.startRow},${left.startCol} -> ${left.endRow},${left.endCol}} matches with ${pair.rightFile.path}:{${right.startRow},${right.startCol} -> ${right.endRow},${right.endCol}}`);

Since Dolos primarily targets teachers that will use Dolos as a web app or as a command line tool, the library is not documented as extensive as we would like. Feel free to create an issue on GitHub or contact us if you have any questions.

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